Price Guide Information

First you'll need to Measure the Size of your Dent, Edge to Edge. The Size will Determine your Base Price. *Note the Ruler on the Price Guide.* 


For Example, if your Dent is 2 inches or LESS, your Base Price would be $60.00. If your Dent is Larger than 2 inches, but NOT Greater than 3 inches, then your Base Price will Start at $120.00, and so on. 

Once you have Established your Base Price, there are Certain Factors that may need to be Considered. These Factors are listed on the Left Side of the Price Guide. These Factors Make the Repair More Difficult and will Cost an Additional Percentage, which are Listed. 


Example: 2" (or Less) Dent on an Aluminum Panel

$60.00 Base + Aluminum 25%= $75.00

*If the Car Panel DOES NOT React to a Magnet, it is Aluminum* 

Example: 3" Dent with a Horizontal Crease

$120.00 Base + 30% =$156.00

This Guide is Meant to give you a General Idea of what your Dent May Cost to Fix. To get an Exact Estimate, a PDR Technician will Need to see your Vehicle in Person. 

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