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Paintless Dent Repair is the easiest and safest way to repair most dings, dents, and hail damage on your vehicle. The work is done without using ANY body fillers, harsh chemicals, or paint. The factory paint your car came with is always going be the strongest and highest quality paint that will ever be put on your vehicle.
That’s one of the many reasons to choose PDR versus a conventional repair. 

Before a repair is started, Josh will evaluate the best PDR technique for your particular damage. Different areas of the vehicle will require different tools. These tools are specialized, and are unique to the PDR industry. Some areas may require removal of trim pieces to gain access to the underside of the dent. Once access is achieved, Josh will gently reform the dented area back to it's pre-accident condition. 

Eau Claire WI, Dent Repair, Auto, PDR, Paintless Dent, Repair
Eau Claire WI, Dent Repair, Auto, PDR, Paintless Dent, Repair, tools

In some areas, access to the backside of the dent is not possible. When these areas of a vehicle are damaged, a technique called “glue pulling” is used. This process uses specialized tabs and PDR specific hot glue to repair the dent. On our Price Guide, this is referred to as "double walled."

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